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So lately I have been getting in many discussions with various people regarding breastfeeding. In Portland breastfeeding is the norm… it is the assumed method of feeding. I love this city for that. I hear so often how women other cities are shamed into going into the bathrooms to feed or stay home because they don’t feel comfortable going out in public.

I have never fed West in the bathroom, but I did and still do have some anxiety about feeding West in public. I still do it, but I have projected these horrible comments others recieve to my own breastfeeding experiences (which i have only ever had nice looks of support, or strange, but positive advice).

It hit me today, on a really deep and powerful level, how proud I am of myself for breastfeeding. My brother Jon jokingly asked me eariler today how it felt to be a milk factory… and the first thing that popped in my mind was PRIDE. West is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and so much of his health and beauty is directly tied to how he is being fed. He is chubby and happy, and cries giant tears with a big sad lip… and he is perfect. I am so proud of myself and that I had this opportunity to do this.

I was writing a comment to a post on Rookie Mom, and I said that I truly understand now why women become breastfeeding activists (Lactivists)… I feel like breastfeeding, like many other things, is a woman’s right to choose. But for me the role of Lactivism isn’t to enforce my belief system on others, but instead to help make breastfeeding a normal and supported thing for the women who do choose to do it. It breaks my heart to hear about women who wanted to breastfeed but quit because of lack of support, lack of properly educated doctors and nurses and societal pressures that breastfeeding is some how dirty or sexual.

I am currently having on again/ off again struggles with my milk supply and I will continue to fight my hardest to keep my supply strong so West can continue to thrive like he is.

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  1. RookieMom Heather on said:

    You go! Living in Berkeley, there are very few times I've felt like I had to hide in a closet (never a bathroom!) but when I visited my brother in North Carolina, I was given some nasty looks and *suggestions* that I'd feel more comfortable hidden among the coats. Hang in there.

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